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    Dear All,

    My requirement is I want the ageing analysis godown wise

    Here I have created one button i.e. Location Wise when I select that location wise button then I have created one collection here it will ask the several godowns. When I select that godown I should get ageing analysis of that particular godown only. i attached my tdl code so please go through this and revert me the corrected code.

    I called tally people they suggest me these hints I tried accordingly but may be some where I gone wrong so please help me might be I have gone somewhere wrong in $$CollectionFieldByKey

    1)Compute the godown name in the default collection by using $$CollectionFieldByKey

    2)Add a report variable in a report

    3)Use that variable in the field where you are selecting godown from table

    4)Write the system formula to compare godown name

    5)Filter the default collection with the help of system fomula from step4

    My code is

    [#Form: StockAge]
    Add: Button :Location Wise

    [Key: Location Wise]

    Key : Alt+L
    Action : Modify Variables : Location Wise Report
    Title : $$LocaleString:"Location Wise"

    [Report: Location Wise Report]

    Use : Modify Variables
    Local : Collection: All Valuation Methods : Align : Centre
    Local : Form : Modify Variables : Vertical Align: Top
    Local : Part : Modify Variables : Lines : DSPBalType1

    [Line: DSPBalType1]

    Field : Medium Prompt, Location Wise
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Info : $$LocaleString:"Show Location Wise"
    SpaceBottom : 0

    [Field: Location Wise]

    Use : Name Field
    Table : Locations
    Show Table : Always
    Set as : ##Location
    Set Always : Yes
    Modifies : Location
    Variable : Location

    [Variable: Location]

    Type : String
    Persistent : Yes

    [Collection: Locations]
    ;select $Name from ab
    [#Collection: SAGE StockGroupItemChildOfGroupName]

    ; Fetch : Name, SortPosition, HasMfgDate, IsPerishableOn
    Filter : $$frm1
    ; Compute : mygodown:frm1:$$CollectionFieldByKey

    Add : Variable: Var1



    [System: Formulae]

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  2. Salman

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    Please Check and correct my code

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