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Is it possible to write a TDL Collection requiring parameters which is accepted from a user external

Discussion in 'Knowledge Base' started by admin, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


    Is it possible to write a TDL Collection requiring parameters which are accepted from a user externally through ODBC?


    A Client application can call a SQL Procedure which is declared as a Collection within Tally.ERP 9. Such Collection which acts as a SQL Procedure and accepts parameter input from the user during run time must be prefixed with an underscore.

    The Collection attribute, SQLParms is used to pass parameters to procedures. This Collection takes the parameter from the Client application by using the Collection attribute SQL Parms. The Collection attributes SQL Values is used to return the values from procedure back to the client application.


    [Collection: _StkBatches]
    Type : Batches
    Childof : ##StkItemName ;; Batches of Stock Item StkItemName will be filtered in this Collection/Procedure
    SQLParms : StkItemName ;; Parameter Value is accepted as an input from an external Client Application

    ;; Method Name and Amount of all the Batches Object for the accepted Stock Item is sent back to the Client Application

    SQLValues : Name : $Name
    SQLValues : Amount : $ClosingBalance

    [Variable: StkItemName]

    Type : String

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