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  1. Anagha Walanju

    Anagha Walanju New Member

    Sir i have created a payroll report where i want to display the salaryrate for each employee. Please help how to get that. Sample code is attached.

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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    You can achieve this with the below function:

    $$PayFor:$Name:"Basic Pay":##SVFromDate:##SVToDate:Yes

    $Name - Employee Name
    "Basic Pay" - Pay head name

    i have attached the corrected code.

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  3. Girdhar

    Girdhar Member

    Its great sir

  4. ganeshgk

    ganeshgk New Member

    how to print employee current balance in payslip

  5. ganeshgk

    ganeshgk New Member

    sir how to get particular employee pay head closing balance

  6. ganeshgk

    ganeshgk New Member

    pls help me

  7. pranab

    pranab New Member

    how to print rate in payslip
    emp rate.jpg

    payslip rate.jpg

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