Tally Gateway service disabled automatically [Fixed/Solved]

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    Today, we faced an issue in client place related to Tally License. and the issue is, Tally Gateway service automatically disabled in windows services even the start type is "automatic". But due to windows issue, service is disabled automatically. So, we have written a batch file to start the service automatically if it is disabled.

    If you are facing similar kind of issue, please follow the same.

    sc config "Tally Gateway Server 10.0" start= auto
    sc start "Tally Gateway Server 10.0"
    call "C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9\tally.exe"

    save the file name with extension of ".bat"

    example Tally.bat

    Tally Gateway Server 10.0 --> Is the service name

    C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9\tally.exe --> is the Tally.exe path

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  2. MasterUser

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    Great thank you

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    Please tell me where to save the file, Tally installation location or windows folder?

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