URGENT HELP PLEASE - One Store with Multiple Comapnies

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Asifraza1, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Asifraza1

    Asifraza1 New Member

    Dear Admin and experts!
    Please can anybody provide me the TCP or TDL for control of inventory.
    I want to maintain one Store with Multiple Companies.
    If i select any company and issue the invoice the inventory of main Store should be reduced.
    How i can do it.
    Your urgent help is highly appreciated.

  2. Nileshats

    Nileshats New Member

    Are you using all companies as group company?

  3. If you are using all your companies as a group company then you can do following things
    1. make a tdl which will create master in all companies which you will create in any one company
    2. make tdl which will create vouchers like purchase, sales etc from any company to in the company where you are maintaing the store


  4. Asifraza1

    Asifraza1 New Member

    No I m not using as Group Company.... Please can any body provide me TDL or Code for this please please

  5. Amit Mahajan

    Amit Mahajan New Member

    Use data synchronization but its have some restriction but work fine

  6. Ajeet Jain

    Ajeet Jain Member

    Create separate report to fetch the value from all opened companies . this will be easy.

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